Nate Agbetu
A Creative


since 1996


I'm Nate..

Currently at Nike London

A born and bred East Londoner, I've been on my own journey to map out and craft brand experiences since I was 16 - when I started running my own events to raise money for a charity project in Uganda.

I'm passionate about people and I try to build physical, digital and emotional touch points within the objects and interfaces that they use. Things that excite people, or encourage them to use their senses; because I feel that interaction design is the most empathic form of communication there is.

I've turned my hand to building clothing brand, 'Light Work London', churning out dozens of events and exhibitions, doing photography and taking on Brompton Bicycle's first data centric Digital Marketing role. But recently I've found myself working on the weirdest mix of projects. From designing light boxes, to building chatbots - and IoT's in the crosshairs.

I just want to create with a purpose and have fun doing it.

If that suits you, get in touch!