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Sandows Rise

Guerrilla Marketing / Social Campaign

How might cold brew Coffee brand 'Sandows' connect with a Millennial audience using Instagram?

Sandows Rise

This campaign focuses on the demands of post-truth consumers, who expect brands to develop an ideology and stand up for marginalised communities.

Groups around the world have never been more polarised - a lot of which is due to the echo chamber that we all live in on Social Media. So why not use Social as a tool to create content that is less curated and open for all to see...

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User Generated Content

A signature pose has been developed by fans of the brand on Instagram. These few picture alone have roped in over 855 likes!

So let's use this signature pose to power the campaign

Gustav Klutsis.jpg

Design Inspiration

I drew on Gustav Klutsis' famous Propaganda Poster for inspiration to reinforce the political message behind the campaign, bring big, bold, striking colours to the table and give the pose more meaning.


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Advocates share posts

Using #RiseFor and their chosen mantra


The posts are rehashed and printed

Made to emulate Klutsis' iconic style.


Posters are sent to advocate to flypost around the city

Allowing their views to escape the echo chamber